Call for Papers / Abstracts

Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES)

XVI Annual International Conference

Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria, 11 - 15 June 2018


2018 Conference Deadlines


Full Paper Submission: 9 March 2018 - Closed.


Standard Registration:

30 March 2018 - Closed.


Hotel Room Reservation:

27 April 2018


Abstract Submission & Late Registration: 11 May 2018


Final Conference Program:

18 May 2018


PowerPoint Presentation Submission: 3 June 2018




XVI BCES Conference Flyer

Call for Papers / Abstracts

Full paper submission: Closed

Only accepted papers of standard registered participants (registered by 30 March 2018), can be published in the conference book.



Notes on abstract submission


1. Please download the BCES Abstract Template and write your abstract on it.


2. Abstracts must be written in excellent English.


3. Abstracts should have 150 to 300 words.


4. Titles of abstracts should be with capitalized first letters of nouns, verbs, etc.

Please see how to capitalize letters in titles


5. Abstracts are sent to Thematic Sections Chairs with cc to


6. Abstract submission deadline: 11 May 2018.


7. All accepted abstracts and all abstracts of accepted full papers will be printed in the Conference Program.



Conference e-mail:

Paper presentations


Language of paper presentations

The Conference language is English. All presentations, questions and discussions are in English.


Duration of paper presentations

Every presenter has a 30-minite time slot for presentation and discussion.

Conference equipment

The Conference rooms are equipped with laptops and multimedia for PowerPoint presentations.


PowerPoint template

Please use the BCES PowerPoint Template

(Created by Dr. James Ogunleye).

Deadline to send it to the organizers: 3 June 2018.


Paper presentations can also be given by using the web-based templates on, or other.



Poster presentation opportunity


There is an opportunity to present your topic by means of poster presentation during a conference standing session at the XVI Annual International Conference of BCES, 2018. This way of presenting your paper contents is suitable for authors who would like to emphasize on the decorative and artistic form of their research findings. By using this way of participation at the conference, you are more likely to receive immediate exchange of ideas and direct observations. The poster presentation opportunity is offered instead of PowerPoint presentation.



Opportunity for Submitting Extended Versions of BCES Papers to the International Journal of Comparative Education and Development, Emerald Publishing

1. Authors of BCES papers are invited to send their papers to the respective thematic section for publication in BCES Conference Book 2018.

2. Each thematic chair selects the most outstanding paper in their thematic section and contacts the authors of the paper in order to invite them to write an extended version of their paper.

3. If the authors are willing to write an extended version of their paper, they are allowed to submit it themselves through the online submission and peer review system of Emerald Publishing ScholarOne Manuscripts.

4. Papers should be prepared according to the journal Guidelines: