Abstracts & Papers

XXI BCES Annual International Conference

Recovering Education

Using the Experiences and Learning Acquired to Build New and Better Education Systems

Sofia, Bulgaria, 27 - 30 June 2023

Two types of submission

Participants are invited to submit:

  • abstracts of oral paper presentations, if they would just like to present papers without having them published; or
  • full papers to be reviewed for publication in Volume 21 of BCES Conference Books 2023.


  • In case of abstract submission, no full text submission is required. Participants submit abstracts only.
  • In case of full paper submission, no preliminary abstract submission is required. Participants directly submit full papers.
  • Participants may attend the Conference just as listeners, without submitting and presenting anything.

BCES Publication Ethics Statement

  1. BCES is committed to maintaining high intellectual and scientific levels.
  2. By submitting an abstract or a full paper to the BCES Conference the author accepts the BCES Conference Publication Ethics Statement.
  3. Plagiarism in any form and fraudulent data are not acceptable.
  4. Authors should submit abstracts or full papers which are their original work.
  5. Authors are obliged to:
  • ensure that their full papers have not previously been published elsewhere;
  • identify all sources used in the creation of their full papers;
  • follow the BCES citation and reference style;

  • ensure that all data in their full papers are real and authentic;
  • provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

Abstract Submission - CLOSED

Submission deadline

Abstract submission: Closed.

Abstracts are sent to: info@bces-conference.org


Abstract submission deadline: 31 May 2023 [extended].


Abstract acceptance notification: Two weeks after submission.

Publication of abstracts


All accepted abstracts and all abstracts of accepted full papers will be included in the XXI BCES Conference Program 2023.

Abstract requirements

The abstract should

  • be sent as a Word file
  • be written as one paragraph
  • be written in excellent English
  • not contain citations, references, endnotes, footnotes, figures, pictures, mathematical equations or tabular material
  • briefly describe the work to be discussed in the paper and also give a concise summary of the findings

The abstract should contain


Full Paper Submission - CLOSED

Submission deadline

Full paper submission: Closed.

Full papers are sent to: info@bces-conference.org


Full paper submission deadline: 15 February 2023.


Full paper acceptance notification: 28 February 2023.


Publication of full papers


  • All full papers accepted for publication will be included in Volume 21 of BCES Conference Books 2023.
  • Only full papers of participants registered by 10 March 2023 can be published.
  • Full papers submitted after 15 February 2023 may be presented at the Conference but cannot be published in Volume 21 of BCES Conference Books 2023.


Full paper requirements

The full paper should

  • be sent as a Word file
  • be written in excellent English
  • have up to 3200 words, including references
  • avoid formulae, tables, graphs, figures or pictures
  • avoid typing double space after full stop (period)
  • avoid footnotes and endnotes

The full paper should contain