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Volume 19 | 2021

New Challenges to Education: Lessons from Around the World

BCES Conference Books, 2021, Volume 19

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Popov, N., Wolhuter, C., de Beer, L., Hilton, G., Ogunleye, J., Achinewhu-Nworgu, E., Niemczyk, E.

Book size B5–ISO (17x24 cm)

300 pages

Published online by BCES

Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2021

ISSN 2534-8426 (online)

ISBN 978-619-7326-11-6 (online)

© 2021 Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES)

All rights reserved.

This edition is protected by the Bulgarian Copyright Law (adopted 1993, amended 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018).

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Contents - Split files

Title pages



Nikolay Popov

New Challenges to Education: Lessons from Around the World / 9




Zoltán Rónay & Ewelina K Niemczyk

A Worldwide Pandemic and Academic Freedom: Challenges of the Changing Landscape / 10



Part 1: Comparative and International Education & History of Education


Charl Wolhuter

“Lessons from Around the World”: Raison d’être and Achilles Heel of Comparative and International Education / 17


Lynette Jacobs & Lize-Mari Mitchell

What Was in the News? Conversations on Internationalisation of Higher Education in University World News in 2020 / 23


Hana Vonkova, Angie Moore, Katerina Kralova & Jo-Yu Lee

English as a Foreign Language and Motivation for Learning: A Comparative Perspective / 30



Part 2: International Organizations and Education


Zacharias Louw de Beer & Serita Greyling

Technology as an External Determinant of the Education Systems of South Africa and India: A Comparative Study / 37


Johan Beckmann

International Involvement and Education in South Africa: From Hope to Disenchantment / 45


Leentjie van Jaarsveld

Special Education in BRICS: A Comparative Overview / 53


Carlo Daniels & Ewelina K Niemczyk

Responding to Twenty-first Century Societal Trends through Nurturing Globally Competent Citizens / 60



Part 3: School Education: Policies, Innovations, Practices & Entrepreneurship


Gillian L. S. Hilton

Sex and Relationships Education in England – a Policy Causing Problems for Schools / 68


Brianna Kurtz, Leon Roets & Karen Biraimah

Global Education Inequities: A Comparative Study of the United States and South Africa / 76


Nicholas Sun-Keung Pang

The Quality Assurance Movement: A Lesson from Hong Kong Schools / 83


Hana Vonkova & Angie Moore

Motivation of Students for English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Current Research Foci in Different Countries / 91


Godsend T. Chimbi & Loyiso C. Jita

Teachers’ Life-history Narratives and Reform Policy Implementation at Classroom Level / 98


Siphokazi Kwatubana & Vivian Molaodi

Leadership Styles that Would Enable School Leaders to Support the Wellbeing of Teachers during COVID-19 / 106


Siphokazi Kwatubana & Vivian Thuso Molaodi

Ensuring the Continuation of School Feeding Programmes during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case of “New Normal” Management / 113


Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu

Exploring Challenges of Supervising Postgraduate Students in Open Distance Learning in Higher Education Settings / 119

Boyan Zahariev & Ilko Yordanov

An Assessment of Teacher Performance in “Teach for Bulgaria” Based on Value-added from Test Scores / 126


Ruslan Abdullaev

The Impact of National Independence and Globalization on the Status of English Language Instruction within Uzbekistan / 133


Daniela Petrušić

The Cultural Impact of Music on Society with a Special Emphasis on Consumerism / 138


Mashraky Mustary

Policies and Strategies to Improve Education in Bangladesh / 143


Claudio-Rafael Vasquez-Martinez, Francisco Flores, Felipe Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Luz-María Zúñiga, Martha Guerra, Piero Espino, Eugenia Olaguez, Erika-Yadira García-Sosa, Maria-Ines Alvarez, Joaquin Torres-Mata

A Sketch of Reality: The Multigrade Classroom in Context of the Reform of Basic Education / 151



Part 4: Higher Education & Teacher Education and Training


Cheryl North, Kimberly C. Feldman, Michele L. Stites & Eugene C. Schaffer

Impact on Student Learning: The Contribution of a Professional Development Collaboration / 157


Marie J. Myers

New Challenges: Developing Explicit Pedagogies of Noticing / 167


Mapitso Veronica Kgabo

Challenges Experienced by Lecturers in Supporting Students at an Open Distance e-Learning Institution / 174


Gordana Stankovska, Dimitar Dimitrovski, Zebide Ibraimi & Imran Memedi

Online Learning, Social Presence and Satisfaction among University Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic / 181


Snježana Dobrota

Multicultural Music Education in the Context of Higher Education / 189



Part 5: Law and Education


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

Covid-19, a Rumour That Became Reality: The Impact on Business Education Students of Using Online Learning / 195


Queen Chioma Nworgu & Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs in the UK? / 203


Uchechi Bel-Ann Ordu

The Role of Teaching and Learning Aids/Methods in a Changing World / 210


Sharon Thabo Mampane

Discourse on ECD Practitioners’ Perceptions of Leadership Practices in a Multicultural Environment: The South African Context / 217


Tebogo Jillian Mampane

Revisiting the Tension between Management and Leadership Practices in Ensuring Quality Teaching and Learning / 224


Obraori Nmabunwa Peters Adiela & Chinuru Achinewhu

Safeguarding the Future and Right to Education of Children with Disabilities in Nigeria / 231


John Onyemauche Oparaduru

Quality Education and the Nigerian Dilemma: Imperatives for Counselling / 238


Chuku Princess Adaeze

Safety, Health and Welfare of Nigerian Workers as Entrenched under the Factories Act of 2004 / 246



Part 6: Research Education & Research Practice


Ewelina K. Niemczyk

The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education Institutions: Focus on Research and Teaching Practice / 253


JP Rossouw

The Implications of Physical Distancing during Covid-19 for Education Researchers / 260


Oliver Tafadzwa Gore

Students’ Perspectives regarding (Dis)advantage on Making Choices about Universities to Enrol in: A South African Case / 268


Dairai Darlington Dziwa & Louise Postma

Reorienting Art Teacher Education Pedagogy towards Learner Empowerment during COVID-19 Restrictions / 275


André du Plessis

Complexity Theory as Paradigm when Researching Education Reform: The South African Case / 282


Ondrej Papajoanu, Hana Vonkova & Jiri Stipek

Examining the Differences in Student Self-Assessment of Their Skills in English as a Foreign Language: A Pilot Study Comparing Male and Female Lower Secondary Students / 289



List of Contributors / 295



BCES Conference Books / 298